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We utilize state of the art framing equipment. We have moulding samples and a wide array of mat board colors and grades to help you select the right frame for your artwork.  All work done on premises and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ken Tuvman / Design Consultant

My goal is to help you decide how you want to frame your artwork.  The frame and mat should compliment your artwork so your eye focuses on the art and to maximize the viewing pleasure of your framed art.

When you come to my shop, the focus is on you and your artwork. I prefer to schedule  appointments to give you enough time needed to create the right combination of frame and mat for your artwork.  What color are your walls at home?  This will help determine what colors to use on the frame and mat.

Depending on your art, and budget our prices will vary dependent on the simplicity or complexity of your project.  Estimates are free and we guarantee our work.  

So before driving to Ridgedale or calling Michael or JoAnn, give us a shout - we're happy to help!

Call or Text 612-743-8681 or email


I look forward to meeting you!  


p.s.  I do travel over the winter and if you're in a hurry and I'm unavailable, I will refer you to a professional framer.