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Estelle Tuvman


Best Picture Framing was an inspiration based on my mother’s love of art. Mom was raised in Springfield, MA and attended an art school in Connecticut. Next, she was hired by Forbes & Wallace, Springfield’s leading retail establishment. She worked in the advertising department as an illustrator. Her love of painting developed over the years as you can see below. 

Ken's father, Bernie, was a professional glazier with a keen eye for detail - always in demand, he installed glass & mirrors in many celebrities, including Cary Grant!


Ken Tuvman


My goal is to make your artwork look great in a frame.  I've got a background in Glazing, Woodworking, and Photography - (2) of my pictures were exhibited at the MN State Fair. Having  worked in the glass and mirror business as well as a career in promotional advertising, I have a good eye for detail and have received several awards for outstanding performance from customers at Texaco and Shell.  

Pictured above is my son Adam and me - I"m the older one!  Adam works in our promotional division and I primarily do the framing.

I'm happy to discuss your art project and help you select the right frame and mat to accentuate your artwork.  Thank You!


Featuring the Valiani CMC


Our state of the art Valiani computerized mat cutter machine has (5) interchangeable heads. This allows us to cut at different angles (straight line cuts, bevel cuts, and museum cuts using 8 ply board, an embossing head, and a pen tool to write copy on mats. We have a large database of unique designs and themes to compliment your art project. The Louvre in Paris and the National Gallery of Arts in Washington DC also use the Valiani mat cutters.  Click here to see it in action >  https://youtu.be/7_GXXtbZ8eU 

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